Your Site with no Ad-Blocker

Once Syphon is enabled, users without an adblocker will continue to see the same ads they currently do.

Your Site with Ad-blocker

Currently, when someone visits your site with an adblocker, all your ads are hidden resulting in zero revenue from this user.

Your site on SyphonAds technology with Ad-Blocker

With Syphon enabled, our ads will be displayed to users that have an adblocker enabled, increasing your total ad revenue.

Get the best results On every dollar spent.

Our A.I. technology predicts amazingly accurate personal profiles based on server side data. You can now precisely target your ad-traffic while allowing users to maintain privacy.

Every delivered ad further goes through predictive algorithms and leverages our patent‑pending “no-interaction and no code change ad-block detection and bypass technology”.

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Don't let ad‑blockers hurt your earnings anymore, Don’t lose sight of your Audience!

Our ad‑engine offers a unique solution. SyphonAds empowers you to not be on the mercy of ad‑blockers. SyphonAds provides cookie-less tracking with predictive artificial intelligence. No more retargeted ads showing the same hammer that the user decided to not buy!

  • Intelligent Retargeting

    Focused results

  • Better CTR

    Relevant Ads

  • Better CPM

    Higher ROI

  • Earn More

    Up to 100%


Let’s make the internet a more Personalized Experience.

01.Last-mile Intelligence

Technology driven Content Intelligence to skip Ad-blockers

02.Intelligent Retargeting

A reliable advanced intelligence platform with predictive retargeting.

03.Eliminate Privacy concerns

SyphonAds algorithms take pride in giving the consumer relevant, meaningful advertisement without infringing on their privacy.

04.Predictive Ad Selection

It’s not always about the higher number of viewers, but the quality of targeting. Showing only relevant ads improves CTR while reducing burn.


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